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Turbine Flowmeters

FLOWMEET turbine flowmeters are the preferred choice of many operators, due to their low acquisition, installation and maintenance costs. They offer high-precision, autonomous, and uninterrupted operation in highly hostile conditions. Typical facilities include crude oil and refinery products, storage tanks, and more.

Our Flowmeters

At FLOWMEET you can find a wide variety of very high quality Turbine flowmeters that are tailored to your needs. From low cost flowmeters like the AE Series, to the highest quality flowmeters like the AI ​​Series

Turbina Serie AI  

  • Error 0.5% (0.2% a pedido)

  • Diameters from 1/2" to 8"

  • Threaded, flanged and clamp connection

  • Digital flow computer (optional)

  • Pulse output to PLC (optional)

Turbina Serie  DC

  • Direct to cistern (transparent to the operator)

  • Gravimetric Flowmeter

  • Easy installation for a discharge measurement

  • 3, 4 and 6 inches in quick coupler

  • Error <0.25% (2.5lt every 1000lt)

  • Flow detector (Avoid false measurements due to air flow)

  • Temperature compensation

  • Flow straightener

  • For the carrier or the station owner

  • Maintenance Free

  • Single push button operation


Turbina Serie  WF

  • Error <2%

  • Robust and economical

  • Analog volume indication

  • Technical data conform to international standard ISO4064