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Volumetric Flowmeters

FLOWMEET volumetric flowmeters, or also called positive displacement flowmeters, have an outstanding performance especially in oils and fuels. For the measurement of viscous fluids it is without a doubt the best type of flowmeter because its construction makes the volume measurement independent of the flow profile. They have very low error and very high repeatability in the measurement.

Our Flowmeters

At FLOWMEET we offer a wide range of volumetric flowmeters in different sizes and materials, which adapt to the needs of your application.

Mini  Surtidor Serie MD

  • 12VDC pump

  • Maximum flow 55 Lt / min

  • Automatic reel hose

  • Computer with auto cut signal

  Piston rotante Serie PR

  • The smallest error in the market (<0.15%)

  • Filtro y desaireador incorporado

  • Viscous fluids

  • Viscous fluids

  • non-corrosive fluids

Engranajes ovales Serie DP

  • It is a flowmeter with a wide measurement range

  • Maximum Flow / Minimum Flow Ratio 200: 1

  • Viscous fluids

  • Corrosive fluids, acids and bases

  • 304L / 316L Stainless Steel Gears / Anodized Aluminum