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Certification for classified areas

      The FLOWMEET fm-500 flow computers have certification for classified areas issued by the National Institute of Industrial Technology INTI.

      What is an atmosphere with risk of explosion? What conditions must exist for an explosion to take place?

      For an explosion to occur, three elements are necessary:

      Since the oxygen in the air is always present, there are only two elements left to add to producean explosion: fuel + spark (see diagram). An apparatus can, by heating on the surface, reach thegas auto-ignition temperature and cause explosion.

      What is an explosive mixture?

      It is the mixture of an oxidizer and a fuel in such proportions that they can give rise to a very fast and very live oxidation reaction, releasing more energy than is dissipated by conduction and convection.The oxidizer can be a gas (oxygen in the air), a liquid (paraxide) or a solid (chlorate, nitrate ...).The fuel can be a gas (hydrogen, gasoline vapors ...), a liquid (solvent) or a solid (sulfur, wood ...).All organic materials are combustible.

      What is an explosive atmosphere?

      Mixture with air of flammable substances that are in the form of gas, vapor or mist under atmospheric conditions and such that, after ignition, combustion spreads through the unconsumed mixture.

      What kinds of products can cause an explosion?

      Products with risk are classified by CENELEC (EN 50014) into 4 groups:

      I, IIA, IIB, IIC. These products are, as a general rule:

      • Heating gas.

      • Hydrocarbons.

      • Solvents

      • Varnishes and resins.

      • Elements of treatment and manufacture of alcohols and derivatives.

      • Powders of: Aluminum, sulfur, cellulose, wheat starch, wood, milk, etc.

      What is an area classification?

      The classification of areas with explosive atmospheres is a method of analysis that is applied where gases, mists, or flammable vapors, fibers or dusts may exist, in order to establish the special precautions that must be considered for the construction, installation and use of electrical materials and equipment.

      For this reason, it is necessary, as a previous step to the selection of electrical equipment, to carry out a classification of the different areas or zones. It is carried out taking into account both the substances present and their probability of presence.

      What is a hazardous area or hazardous area?

      The international CEI regulations distinguish the following categories of hazardous areas in atmospheres (with gases, vapors or mists) with risk of explosion:

      ZONE 0: Zone in which an explosive mixture of gases, vapor or mist is permanently present (the gaseous phase inside a closed container or tank constitutes a “0” zone).

      ZONE 1: Zone in which an explosive mixture of gases, steam or mist is likely to form in normal service of the installation.

      ZONE 2: Area in which an explosive mixture may appear less frequently or in isolated cases (leaks or negligence of use).

      Our flowmeters

      FLOWMEET flowmeters present an explosive certification issued by the National Institute of Industrial Technology INTI.

      Ex Certification --INTI--