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Ultrasonic flowmeters

FLOWMEET ultrasonic flowmeters are characterized by measuring a wide range of fluids. Their installation is extremely simple since they do not present any obstruction on the fluid and they are installed outside the working pipe. As there are no moving parts, the measurement is not affected by pressure variations, electromagnetic noise or wear.

A great complement to this type of flowmeter is a thickness gauge. This instrument is used to accurately and quickly determine the thickness of the pipe where the measurement will be made with the flowmeter. In this way the uncertainty is reduced and the error of the flow measurement caused by the estimation of the thickness of the pipe is reduced.

Our flowmeters                 

At FLOWMEET you will find high quality ultrasonic flowmeters in two formats, Handheld (or portable) and panel.

Odoo • Image and Text

Ultrasónico Serie UH

  • Modelo Hanheld o portatil con maletin IP68

  • Todas las herramientas necesarias para su instalacion

  • Autonomia de 12 horas

  • Conexión rápida y lectura inmediata en planta de procesos

  • Instalacion virtualmente en cualquier tipo de cañeria

  • Logueo y seguimiento de datos

Odoo • Image and Text

Ultrasónico para Canal Abierto

Serie UA 

  • Modelo de panel

  • Para canales Parshall, Rectangular, Triangular, entre otros

  • Lectura inmediata de caudal y nivel

  • Salidas analógicas y digitales