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Natural gas flowmeters

Natural gas flowmeters are essential equipment for use in different applications, such as metering natural gas from petroleum, mains gas. In particular, flowmeters with VORTEX technology are increasingly common in applications that previously had differential pressure flowmeters, such as diaphragm disc flowmeters.

Our Flowmeters

FLOWMEET flowmeters for natural gas have outstanding performance for the oil, chemical, metallurgical industries, among others. There are no moving parts and they are very easy to install. They have a very wide working temperature range (-40 to 350 ° C). They have a Frequency Output and 4-20 mA. In turn, as a fundamental characteristic, they have volume compensation for temperature and pressure. It has anti-explosive certification for classified areas.

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Caudalímetro Vortex Serie VX

  • Error < 1%

  • Wide working temperature range

  • Material: SS2337

  • Flanged Connection

  • Volume compensation for temperature and pressure

  • Volume and flow display

  • Frequency Output and Current Output 4-20 mA

  • Anti-explosive certification for classified areas IP65 ExiaIICT6 Ga

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Termico Masico Serie TH 

  • Caudalimetro de inserción

  • Diametro desde 3" a 18"

  • Error menor al 1%

  • 4-20 mA and pulse outputs

  • RS-485 communication

  • Exd II CT4

  • Sensor Working Range: -40 ° C to 220 ° C

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Termico Masico Miniatura Serie TM  

  • Caudalímetro de paso total

  • Diameter from 1/4 '' and 1/2 ''

  • Autonomous (Low consumption)

  • Error less than 2%

  • RS-485 communication