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About Us


Mission and vision 

  • Offer the best solutions in fluid measurement and control.

  • Continuously add calibration and testing capacity for liquids and gases.

  • Expand our R&D area meeting local and global market demands.

  • Continuous improvement in our production processes.

  • Develop and add relationships with suppliers in the world market.

  • Provide true local support.


At FLOWMEET we provide consulting services to be the main technical support in the planning and / or modification of flow measurement systems, instrument typification, construction of elements and accessories to measure or as import substitution.

Posing the measurement of fluids as the solitary task of an instrument is a thought as common as it is erroneous, this translates into measurements that do not meet the requirements, our solutions directly address this problem.

Our installed capacities and equipment in permanent stock

Industrial warehouse and warehouse, 820 m2.
Commercial offices 120 m2.
Calibration bench for flow liquids up to 20 MCH.
Calibration bench for flow liquids up to 400 MCH.
Calibration bench for gases up to 2800 N-MCH.
Fuel Flowmeters from 1/8 "to 8".
Flowmeters for network and water plants 1/8 "to 20".
Gas full-bore Flowmeters from 1/2" to 6".
1 "to 6" steam flowmeters.

FLOWMEET p roducts

Liquids Flowmeters 

  • Coriolis mas flowmeter CM Series.

  • Rotating piston flowmeter PR Series

  • Oval gear flowmeter DP Series

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter E Series

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter EI Series

  • Miniature electromagnetic flowmeter EM Series

  • Turbine flowmeter AI Series

Gas Flowmeters

  • Coriolis mas flowmeter CM Series.

  • VORTEX flowmeter for gases VX Series