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Sanitary Use Flowmeters

FLOWMEET sanitary flowmeters are used for the control of fluids in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry.

Our Flowmeters

FLOWMEET sanitary flowmeters are of the highest quality. They have clamp-type connections, which allows the equipment to be installed and removed quickly and easily without practically using any special tools.They can be remote to control from a panel or with local indication on the primary instrument (the sensor).

Electromagnético Serie E 

  • Caudalímetro de paso total

  • No moving parts. Completely maintenance free.

  • Diámetro desde 1/2" a 16"

  • Error <0.5% (0.2% on request)

  • Bi-directional flow direction

  • Conductive fluid

  • Interior sanitario

  • Conexión bridada y clamp

  • Applications: Flow measurement of milk, wines, mains water, acid fluids, etc.

Turbina Serie AI 

  • Error 0.5% (0.2% on request)

  • Diameters from 1/2 "to 8"

  • Clamp connection

  • Digital flow computer (optional)

  • Sanitary interior 316

  • Pulse output to PLC (optional)

  • 4-20 mA output

  • Applications: Demineralized water, mains water, water with aggressive chemicals, solvents, etc.