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Dissolved Oxygen sensors DO Series  

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      User Manual DO Series (Esp) 

      The FlowMeet dissolved oxygen sensor DO series measures dissolved oxygen concentration in water based in the quenching of luminescence in presence of oxygen, this method drastically reduce the maintenance of the equipment compared to the electrochemical version because it does not need any membrane or electrolyte while eliminating the continuous flow of fresh sample because this method does not consume the oxygen  in it.

                Models and characteristics for dissolved oxygen sensor of the DO series

      Dissolved oxygen sensors models
      Model                                  LA-DO-SS-M-O-010                               
      Measurement range 
      ±3% Full Scale
      Body material SS316L and PVC
      Temperature range 0~45℃
      Temperature presicion
      Ingress protection rating IP68


      Technical information

      One channel dissolved oxygen meter 

      • Measurement range: 0-20mgO2/L, 0-200% sat
      • Resolution: 0.01mgO2/L, 0.1% sat 
      • Automatic temperature compensation
      • 2 relays alarm (High and Low)
      • Analog output: 4-20 mA.
      • Digital output: MODBUS RS-485
      • Ingress protection rating: IP57
      • Pressure: <0,3 MPa
      • Power supply: 24VDC

      Common aplications

       The online Dissolved Oxygen analyzer is common in wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, vulcanization processes, fish hatcheries, phytoremediation, etc. and they are also useful to obtain the COD and BOD.