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Correct installation guide for magnetic flowmeters 

      Important points

      1-The pipe must be completely full.
      2-Do not subject the equipment to magnetic fields.
      3-The fluid to be measured must be conductive.

      Do not manipulate the equipment from the electronics 

      Equipment can be irreversibly damaged by improper handling.

      The pipe must always be full of fluid

      For a correct measurement, the pipe must be full.

      The equipment must be installed on the thrust side of the pump (if present)

      The flowmeter should be positioned on the thrust side, NOT the suction side of the pump.

      Installation near valves

      Avoid excessive vibrations

      Do not expose the equipment to magnetic fields

      Allowable Reductions

      Installation after choking valve

      Device Landline Connection

      It is extremely IMPORTANT that the flowmeter is grounded with a cable greater than 4mm2 for its correct operation. A poor ground connection will cause an incorrect flow reading.