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Big Pipes Flowmeters

Caudalimetros para grandes cañerias

The flowmeters for large pipes FLOWMEET are used to measure all types of piped fluids in large dimensions, whether for wastewater, rainwater, etc.

Our Flowmeters

FLOWMEET flowmeters for large pipes are of the highest quality. There are several possibilities depending on the need and work situation. They can be either ultrasonic or electromagnetic insertion. They can be used in pipes up to 200 ’’.

Electromagnetic ones are ideal for conductive fluids, while ultrasonics provide quick setup for instant measurement, with virtually no tools required.

Caudalimetro ultrasonico serie uh

Caudalímetro Ultrasónico Serie UH  

  • Hanheld or portable model with IP68 case

  • All the necessary tools for its installation

  • 12 hour autonomy

  • Quick connection and immediate reading in the process plant

  • Installation in virtually any type of pipe

  • Logging and data tracking

Caudalimetro ultrasonico serie ua

Caudalímetro Ultrasónico para Canal Abierto Serie UA  

  • Panel model

  • For Parshall, Rectangular, Triangular channels, among others

  • Immediate flow and level reading

  • Analog and digital outputs

Caudalimetro electromagnetico serie EI

Caudalímetro Electromagnético de Inserción Serie EI    

  • Insertion flowmeter

  • Diámetro desde 4" a 80"

  • Error less than 1%

  • Sentido bidireccional del fluido

Caudalimetro electromagnetico serie E GC

Caudalímetro electromagnético 

Serie E para grandes cañerías


  • Caudalímetro de paso total

  • Diameter up to 16 "

  • Error menor al 0.5%

  • Sentido bidireccional del fluido

  • Interior sanitario

  • Flanged connection