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VX Series VORTEX Flowmeter

The VX Series FLOWMEET Vortex flowmeters for gases have an outstanding performance especially in the measurement of gases, whether for the oil, chemical, metallurgical industry, among others. There are no moving parts and they are very easy to install. They have a very wide working temperature range (-40 to 350 ° C). They have a Frequency Output and 4-20 mA. In turn, as a fundamental characteristic, they have volume compensation for temperature and pressure. It has anti-explosive certification for classified areas.

                                 VX Series Models
Model FM-015VX FM-020VX FM-025VX FM-040VX FM-050VX FM-080VX
Connection [Inch] 1/2 " ASME 150 3/4" ASME 150 1 " ASME 150 1 y 1/2" ASME 150 2 " ASME 150 4 " ASME 150
Nominal Pressure [bar] 160 160 160 160 160 160
Tmin/Tmax Ambient [°C] -40/55 -40/55 -40/55 -40/55 -40/55 -40/55
Tmin/Tmax Fluid [°C] -40/250 -40/250 -40/250 -40/250 -40/250 -40/250
Flow range [m3/hora]  3/50 5/80 6/120 16/320 25/500 60/1250

Featured Characteristics

  • Volume compensation for temperature and pressure
  • Volume and flow display
  • Frequency Output and Current Output 4-20 mA 
  • Anti-explosive certification for classified areas IP65 ExiaIICT6 Ga

Technical data

  • Easy installation
  • Error < 1%
  • Wide working temperature range
  • Material: SS 2337
  • Power supply: 24VDC
  • Flanged Connection

Common applications

These flowmeters are becoming more and more common in applications that previously had differential pressure flowmeters, such as diaphragm disc flowmeters.

    Product description

    Vortex flowmeters make use of the Principle called Von Kármán. According to this principle, the flow alternately generates vortices as it passes through a prism. In a vortex meter, the prism is a piece of material with a wide, flat front that extends perpendicular to the front of the flow. The flow velocity is proportional to the frequency of the vortices. The flow rate is calculated by multiplying the area of ​​the pipe by the speed of the flow.