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Flowmeters for Water Consumption Control

FLOWMEET water consumption control flowmeters are widely used in industry, agriculture and large homes.

Our Flowmeters

When it comes to controlling water consumption, there are various solutions that comply with current regulations. They are presented in different formats and characteristics that are summarized below:

Turbina Serie WF 

  • Error <2%

  • Robust and economical

  • Indicación analógica de volumen

  • Los datos técnicos se ajustan a la norma internacional ISO4064

Electromagnético Serie E

  • Caudalimetro de paso total

  • Diametro desde 1/2" a 16"

  • Error menor al 0.5%

  • Sentido bidireccional del fluido

  • Interior sanitario

  • Conexion bridada y clamp