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Electromagnetic Flowmeters

FLOWMEET electromagnetic flowmeters, or simply magnetic, can be used for virtually any fluid with some electrical conductivity. They do not have moving parts, they do not reduce the section and they can be either full bore (with various coatings such as Neoprene, PTFE, PFA, ceramic, etc.) or insert, and can be installed in a less invasive way for your pipe. Among the most important applications are the food industry (dairy, soft drinks, wine), mining industry (Wastewater), oil industry (well stimulation)

Caudalimetro electromagnetico serie E DT

Nuestros caudalímetros                 

At FLOWMEET we offer a wide range of electromagnetic flowmeters of different sizes, both full bore and insertion, that adapt to the needs of your application.

Caudalímetro Electromagnético  Serie E

  • Full bore flow meter

  • Diameter from 1/2 "to 16"

  • Error less than 0.5%

  • Bi-directional flow direction

  • Sanitary interior

  • Flanged connection and clamp

Caudalímetro Electromagnético Serie EI     

  • Insertion flowmeter

  • Diameter from 4 "to 80"

  • Error less than 1.5%

  • Bi-directional flow direction

Electromagnético Miniatura Serie EM    

  • Full bore flow meter

  • Nominal diameter from 3mm to 15mm

  • Error less than 0.5%

  • Bi-directional flow direction

  • Threaded connection