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EM Series Miniature Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Caudalimetro electromagnetico miniatura serie em

In the EM Series you will find the electromagnetic flow meter for your application. This type of flow meter can be used for virtually any fluid with some electrical conductivity. They do not have moving parts, they do not reduce the section and they can be covered by PEEK. Due to these characteristics, these equipment have the virtues so desired for all flowmeters: not producing pressure drop, being free of maintenance, being suitable for applications as diverse as wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical applications, food industry, etc. If your liquid is electrically conductive, a FLOWMEET magnetic flowmeter is the ideal flowmeter.

 EM Series Models
Model FM-003em FM-006em FM-010em FM-015em
Conection [Inches] 3/8" BSPT 3/8" BSPT 1/2" BSPT 1/2" BSPT
Electrode Material SS316/Ti SS316/Ti SS316/Ti SS316/Ti
Nominal Pressure [bar] 20 20 20 20
Fluid's Tmin/Tmax [°C] -10/60 -10/60 -10/60 -10/60
Flow Range (min/max) [Lt/min] 0.2/4 0.8/16 2/40 5/100
Floe Range (min/max) [Lt/hr] 12/240 48/960 120/2400   300/600


Technical Data

  • Connection process: Male BSPT Thread

  • Error less than 0.5%

  • 5 points standard calibration, from 0.5 m / s to 5 m / s.

  • Minimum fluid conductivity 20 microSimens / centimeter

  • Electrode material: 316L, other options are Hastelloy C, Titanium

  • Degree of protection: IP-65

  • Power Supply: 24 VDC.

  • Outputs: 4-20 mA.

  • Low flow alarm.

  • High flow alarm.

  • Pulse output / Frequency output.

  • Flow indication in both directions.

Coatings available


  • Working temperature range -60ºC + 250ºC.

  • Very high mechanical resistance, rigidity and hardness.

  • Outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion and hydrolysis.

  • Good creep resistance, even at high temperatures.

  • High limit of fatigue.

  • High toughness.

  • Very good resistance to wear.

  • Very good dimensional stability.

  • Intrinsic resistance to flame.

  • Very low level of smoke during combustion.

  • Good dielectric and electrical insulation properties.

  • Exceptional resistance to high energy rays.

  • It is approved by the FDA for food contact.

Common Applications

  • Volume measurement for wastewater treatment

  • Purification and desalination

  • Well stimulation in oil applications

  • Hydraulic fracture

  • Preparation of food additives, soft drinks, wines, milk, etc.

  • Measurement of food products, soft drinks, wines, milk, etc.

  • Reactor filling control for the preparation of water-based solutions.

Electromagnetic flowmeter description

Electromagnetic flowmeters are devices that generate a magnetic field inside the pipe to determine the velocity of the fluid inside it. Due to the lack of moving parts, mechanical or obstructions, they become excessively flexible equipment when measuring fluids for a wide range of conditions, be it pressure, temperature, abrasiveness and / or viscosity. The only requirement that this technology presents is that the fluid to be measured must have a certain conductivity.