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Fire network

FLOWMEET ultrasonic flowmeters are used, among other applications, for the control of fluids for Fire Networks

Our Flowmeters

The FLOWMEET ultrasonic flowmeters are of the highest quality, they have clamp-on type connections, which allow the sensors to be installed and removed quickly and easily without practically using any special tools. They are also installed outside the pipe, so they do not have contact with the fluid and are completely maintenance-free. They are suitable for installing on large pipes. Pipe sizes can range from 15-6000mm

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Ultrasónico serie UH

  • Hanheld or portable model with IP68 case

  • All the necessary tools for its installation

  • 12 hour autonomy

  • Quick connection and immediate reading in the process plant

  • Installation in virtually any type of pipe

  • Logging and data tracking