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At FLOWMEET we offer the best solution for the measurement and control of fluids. We have a wide range of flow meters, level meters, pressure and temperature sensors, as well as other complementary equipment, to provide you with a comprehensive solution for monitoring both liquids and gases.

We have our own development and products tailored to your needs, also providing personalized attention and true local support.

We work every day to expand both our product range and the capacity of our services, such as calibration, helping you to comply with the most demanding standards in the industry.

  Flow measurement solutions

Caudalimetros para petroleo y gas

Oil & Gas 

Caudalimetros para industria quimica y farmaceutica

Química y Farmacéutica

Caudalimetros para consumo de agua

Water consumption and water 

Caudalimetros para combustible y unidades moviles

Fuel and mobile units

Caudalimetros para altas y bajas temperaturas

High temperature and cryogenic 

Caudalimetros para uso sanitario y alimenticio

Sanitary and Food