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TM Series Miniature Thermal Mass Flowmeter  


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        The FLOWMEET Thermal Mass Flowmeters for gases of the TM Series have an outstanding performance for the measurement of all types of gases. This type of flow meter can be used for any type of gas. They do not have moving parts, the presence of vibrations in the pipe does not affect their measurement, these characteristics result in having the virtues so desired for all flowmeters such as: maintenance-free, being suitable for applications as diverse as gas measurement. They have a very wide working temperature range (-40 to 350 ° C). They have RS-485 communication. In turn, as a fundamental characteristic, given their physical operating principle, they DO NOT need temperature or pressure compensation. They are characterized by working at low flow rates

                                     TM Series Models table
        Models FM-06TM-NPT-10LPM FM-06TM-NPT-25LPM FM-10TM-NPT-200LPM
        Resolution [Lt/min] 0,01 0,01 0,1
        Maximum flow [Lt/min] 10 25 200
        Nominal Pressure [MPA] 0,8 0,8 0,8
        Nominal Diameter [mm] 6 6 12
        Tmin/Tmax del Fluido [°C] -10/55 -10/55 -10/55
        Threaded connection NPT 1/4'' NPT 1/4'' NPT 1/2''
         Weight [Kg] 0,350 0,350 0,350

        Technical data


        • Accuracy: Better than +/- 2%

        • Power supply: 4 AA / 6-15 VDC batteries 

        • Alarma alto caudal

        • Alarma de bajo caudal

        • RS-485 communication

        Product description

        The TM Series Thermal Mass Flowmeters make use of the thermal mass flow measurement principle. They are mass flow meters that feature a heated, high-precision tube through which the gas flow passes. Said tube has a length-diameter relationship to ensure laminar heat flow. When heat is applied to the tube, a temperature measurement is made at the inlet and outlet of the tube; the difference in temperature between the two points indicates the amount of energy that the fluid has absorbed, which depends on the mass moving through the tube.

        Common Applications

        • Monitoring and control of oxygen in hospitals

        • Nitrogen monitoring and control in the food industry

        • Gas monitoring and control for industry and companies.

        Our clients and their applications

        • Gente de La Pampa S.A.

        • Sales de Jujuy S.A.

        • Italem S.A.