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UA Series Open channel ultrasonic flowmeter 

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      FLOWMEET UA series OPEN CHANNEL ultrasonic flowmeters are non-fluid contact flowmeters, with a very low blind area, high sensitivity and high stability. They consist of an ultrasonic sensor and a computer. It is widely used mainly to measure the conservation of irrigation water, in wastewater plants, to measure the flow of sewage drains, urban wastewater and in chemical companies. It has communication and analog outputs, and programmable outputs. Suitable for Parshall, Triangular, Rectangular channels, and configurable with function. Temperature compensated measurement.

      Standard Model Tables for UA Series

      Models FM-UA
      Range 0,00 a 4,00 mts
      Blind zone 0,2 mts
      Ambient temperature -40°C-70°C
      Pressure range 0,2MPa

      Technical data


      • Beam angle 10 ° (3dB)

      • Sensor material ABS, PVC or PTFE (optional)

      • Sensor Protection Degree IP68

      • 24VDC power supply (200mA)

      • Resolution 1mm

      • Analog output (proportional to flow) 4-20mA

      • 2 programmable relay outputs

      • RS485 communication (MODBUS-RTU) Optional

      • Electronics protection degree IP67

      Operation of open channel ultrasonic flowmeters

      The sensor is mounted on top of the channel and transmits ultrasonic pulses to the surface of the monitored material. There, they are reflected and received by the computer, which measures the time "t" between the transmission of impulses and the reception. The computer uses the time "t" (and the speed of sound "c") to calculate the distance "d" between the bottom of the sensor and the surface of the monitored liquid: d = c • t / 2. How the computer knows the installation height "H", configured by the user from the equipment parameters, you can calculate the level "h" as follows: h = H -d.

      Since the speed of sound through air is affected by changes in temperature, the UA Series open channel computer has integrated a temperature sensor to improve accuracy.

      For certain channels, there is a fixed functional relationship between instantaneous flow and liquid level. The formula is Q = h (x). Q means instantaneous flow, h means liquid level in channels. Then the computer can calculate the flow velocity through certain channels (such as Parshall, rectangular or triangular) and the level value.

      Common Applications

      Suitable for Open Channel Measurements with different configurations: Parshall, Triangular, Rectangular channels, and configurable with function.