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Mini Fuel-Dispensers  MD Series

The FLOWMEET mini fuel dispenser of the MD Series are an excellent solution for the discharge of fuels. They are suitable for installation in mobile units or small fuel supply plants. They have a transfer pump, a flow meter for measurement, a self-winding hose and a spout. This system forms a practical and efficient solution for the unloading operation, conforming a simple and safe operation. It has a cut function according to the volume set.

  MD Series Models
Model PT-025MD-01-A-15-12
Connection [inches] 1"
Work Pressure [PSI]   2000
 Max. Pressure [PSI] 8700
Hose Length 15 mts
Max. Flow rate[Lt/min] 55 Lt/min 
Power Supply 12 VDC


Technical data

  • 12VDC pump

  • Maximum flow 55 Lt / min

  • Automatic reel hose

  • Computer with auto cut-off signal (Select the volume you want to dispense)

Common applications

  • Mobile units

  • Fuel dispatches

  • Agricultural machinery supplier

  • Dispenser for mobile units for internal use in industrial plants