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DP Series Oval Gear Flowmeter 

Caudalimetro de engranajes ovales serie DP

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 FM-520 User's Manual (SPA)

FM-520 User's Manual (ENG) 

The DP Series oval gear flowmeters have an outstanding performance especially in oil and fuel, for measuring viscous fluids it is the best type of flowmeter, without a doubt, in the fuel sector since its construction makes the measurement of volume independent of the flow profile, they have very low error and very high repeatability in the measurement. It is a volumetric type meter.

          Low and Ultra Low Flow Rate Models - High Range
Model FM-002DP FM-003DP FM-005DP FM-006DP FM-009DP FM-012DP
Connection [inches] 1/8" BSP 1/8" BSP 1/8" BSP 1/4" BSP 1/4" BSP 1/2" BSP
Nominal Pressure [bar] 32 32 32 32 32 32
Weight [Kg] 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.30 0.4
Fluid's Tmin/Tmax [°C] -30/80 -30/80 -30/80 -30/80 -30/80 -30/80
Ambience's Tmin/Tmax [°C] -10/60 -10/60 -10/60 -10/60 -10/60 -10/60
Flow Range [mili liter/minute]  0.50/150 3/300 5/1000      
Flow Range [liter/minute]           0.3/30
Flow Range [liter/hour]       0.5/100 6/600  


                         Medium Flow Rate Models
Model FM-015DP FM-020DP FM-025DP FM-040DP FM-050DP
Connection [inches] 1/2" BSPT   1" BSPT 1.5" BSPT 2" BSPT
Nominal Pressure [bar] 70   18 18 18
Weight [Kg]      5
Fluid's Tmin/Tmax [°C] -15/80   -15/80 -15/80 -15/8Ov
Gear Material PET   ERGAL 6061 ERGAL 6061  ERGAL 6061 
Flow Range [Liter/minute]  5/25   20/120   25/250 35/350  


Technical Data

  • Non-linearity less than 0.25%.

  • Repeatability better than 0.05%

  • Bearings in AISI-315

  • Body in AISI-316l or T6061

  • Non-wet accessories in AISI-304

Common Applications

  • Fuel dispatch and receipt control

  • Edible Oil Production Measurement

  • Control of history of oil consumption of engines, turbines

  • Measurement of fuel transfer volume

Description of the Oval Gear Flowmeter

Our oval flowmeter consists of two toothed rotors, the machining of these parts is carried out with accuracies of 0.01mm, the higher the precision in the machining there is a lower error due to non-linearity, this instrument transfers a volume determined by mechanical revolution, from the input at the outlet, the volume transferred is practically independent of the flow profile, this added to its reduced size makes it the ideal instrument to be installed in confined spaces.