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PH Series Hydrostatic pressure level meter 


      FLOWMEET PH Series hydrostatic level gauges are quick installation, continuous reading equipment on tanks for measuring liquid levels. They are highly accurate, compact and highly stable in measurement. They are resistant to abrasion, oil, acid and alkali. It is widely used in the treatment of wastewater, rivers and lakes, as well as in canals, large rivers, reservoirs and shoreline monitoring. This product has Intrinsic Safety Certification, Explosion Proof Certification and CE Certification.


      PH Series model table
      Model FLM-001PH-W-304 FLM-004PH-W-304 FLM-010PH-W-304 FLM-020PH-W-304 FLM-040PH-W-304
      Measure range [m] 1 4 10 20 40
      Accuracy 0,5% FS   0,5% FS 0,5% FS  0,5% FS   0,5% FS

      Technical data 

      • Measurement range from 1 to 40 meters

      • Accuracy 0.5% (Full Scale)

      • 4-20mA analog output

      • Explosion proof certification.

      • CE certification

      Common applications 

      • Storage tanks for liquids

      • Effluent wells

      • Rivers, Canals and Lakes

      • Buffer tanks 

      Description of the hydrostatic level meter

      A hydrostatic level sensor is a level probe that is specially used for level monitoring by measuring hydrostatic pressure in a virtually static liquid at a predetermined immersion level. A hydrostatic level sensor is a submersible pressure transmitter that has a pressure diaphragm where the inner side of the diaphragm is vented at atmospheric pressure through a vent tube in the cable and the outer side is in contact with the liquid and measures the static pressure of the cable. Column of liquid above the transmitter. This static pressure is basically caused by the weight of the fluid on top of the transmitter and is used to calculate the liquid level.