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Electromagnetic Flowmeters EI Series

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 FM-200E User Manual  

The electromagnetic FLOWMEET flowmeters of the EI series are the easiest, cheapest and simplest solution to applications in the measurement of the flow of liquids with conductivity in pipes from 4 '' to 80 '', since they avoid any type of civil works for their installation . They are simply installed inside the pipe to be measured. They do not have moving parts, these characteristics result in having the virtues so desired for all flow meters such as: not producing pressure drop, being free of maintenance, being suitable for applications as diverse as wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical applications, food industry, etc. .

EI Series Model
Model    FM-100EI   
Electrodes Material 316L
Min. Diameter [mm] 100 (4'')
Max. Diameter [mm] 2000 (80'')
Nominal Pressure [MPAa] 5
Tmin/Tmax Fluid [°C] -10/80
            Tmin/Tmax Ambient [°C]            -10/60


Technical data


  • Accuracy: Better than +/- 1.5%

  • Minimum fluid conductivity: 5.0 siemens / cm

  • Degree of protection: IP-65 (IP-68 optional)

  • Protection Ex IIC T4

  • Power supply: 24VDC

  • Outputs: 4-20mA (Error 0.1% +/- 10uA)

  • High flow alarm

  • Low flow alarm

  • Pulse output

  • Frequency output

  • Flow indication in both directions

Common applications

  • Volume measurement for wastewater treatment

  • Water purification and desalination

  • Well stimulation in oil applications

  • Hydraulic fracture

  • Preparation of water-based additives in chemical industries

  • Measurement of food products, soft drinks, wines, milk

  • Reactor filling control for the preparation of water-based solutions

Description of the electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeters are devices that generate a magnetic field inside the pipe to determine the speed of the fluid inside it. Due to the lack of moving parts, mechanical or obstructions, they become excessively flexible equipment when measuring fluids for a wide range of conditions, be it pressure, temperature, abrasiveness and / or viscosity. The only requirement that this technology presents is that the fluid to be measured must present a certain conductivity.